Haven Project

Haven International Center for Special Education (Haven)

was formed in 2011, with a vision to create a self-sustaining special education Center in Ghana, and ultimately in Western Sub-Saharan Africa, where Autism is diagnosed and treated.

Haven will be a center of excellence for training of families, teachers, paraprofessional and practitioners.

Haven International
Phone Number: 011 233 242649617
Email: info@haven-international.org

The Haven Team shares their story

“Haven Project” is a global initiative of MyGOAL based in Africa. It is a
subsidiary of MyGOAL with the vision of training and development of individuals Autism and other intellectual disabilities.

Making an impact in Ghana in a documentary titled Managing Autism and Other Intellectual Disability in Ghana: The Haven Initiative

Special Needs Resource Drive... ... We Need Your HELP!

We have established a special needs resource drive to obtain the necessary tools to support the programs and empower parents, care-takers, teachers and health professionals in providing care for individuals with intellectual disabilities including Autism in Ghana.

The vision is to provide resources such as:

  • Current special education information through library media, professional journals, and video/DVDs.
  • access to on-line research relevant to educators and parents responsible for children and youth with disabilitues
  • Lending library to supply extensive collection of professional boks, in-service training resources, activity books, videos/DVDs and instructional

Our Haven Professional and Caregivers Trainings

February 2012
Target Audience: Teachers/Health Professionals, Parents/Caregivers
Location: Accra
Collaborators: APF, AwaaWaa2, AACT
Facilitator: Genevieve Kumapley, Ellen Osei,, OTR/L, Betsy Botts,EdD

November 2012
Target Audience: Teachers/Health Professionals, Parents and Caregivers
Location:  Accra
Collaborators: Ghana Education Services- Special Education Unit, Dr. Badoe, Chief of Neurology-Ghana; AwaaWaa2, AACT
Facilitator: Genevieve Kumapley PharmD, Barbie Zimmerman-Bier, MD, Lorell Levy, Ed.D; Ellen Osei, MS, OT

April 2013
Target Audience: Teachers/Health Professionals
Location: Akosombo; Accra
Collaborators: Education Solutions 4 Kids &Corricreche (Akosombo)
Facilitator: Genevieve Kumapley, PharmD

June 2013
Target Audience: Teachers/Health professionals/Parents
Location: Akosombo& Accra
Collaborators: New Horizon School, AACT (Accra); Education Solutions 4 Kids & Corricreche (Akosombo)
Facilitators:  Ellen Osei, MS, OT/ Dr. Debra Tupe, OT, Columbia University; Ade Otubanjo, SLP, Speech Pathologist

August 2013
Target Audience: Health Care professionals/Teachers/Caregivers
Location: Accra, Capecoast, Winneba
Facilitators: Dr. Genevieve Kumapley;  Dr.Lorell Levy;  Dr. Gloria Bonilla- Santiago, Jerlyn Witherspoon

March/April  2014
Target Audience: Teachers, Parents/Health Professionals
Location: Accra
Facilitators: Drs. Jerry Petroff , Richard Blumberg, Genevieve Kumapley, Michele Naples

April 2015
Target Audience: Teachers/Parents/Health Professionals
Location: Accra /Ghana Education Services
Facilitators: Dr. Genevieve Kumapley, Ebenezer Badoe, Adegboyega Otubanjo SLP, Ellen Osei, MS OTR/L, Jerlyn Witherspoon, BA

April 2016
Target Audience:  Teachers/Parents/Health Professionals
Location: Accra- Haven Teachers/ASOG
Facilitators: Dr. Genevieve Kumapley, Adegboyega Otubanjo, SLP-CCC; Ellen Osei, OTR/L, Shawn Jacobs, MA, Terri Matthews

Professional Advisory Team Members

  • Dr. Genevieve Kumapley

  • Rebecca Zegas, BCBA

  • Dr. Lorell Levy

  • Ellen Osei

  • Dr. Michele Naples

  • Jennifer Dordor Brock, Program Director

  • Ade Otubanjo

  • Shawn Jacobs, M.A

  • Dr. Jerry Petroff

  • Jerlyn Witherspoon

  • Dr. Mary Rose Merola