What We Offer

MyGOAL Support Coordinators assist individuals with accessing programs and resources the fulfill their needs, goals, and desired outcomes. Our Support Coordinators are highly trained and extremely passionate about making sure individuals feel they are a vital part of their community. 

The process begins with an in-person meeting between the Support Coordinator, the individual, & his or her family/ support system. This meeting is where the Support Coordinator and individual will begin to build their relationship and get to know each other. By learning about the individual, their family/support system, and their desires the Support Coordinator is fully prepared to create a unique and specialized plan for the individual. 

Following this meeting the Support Coordinator will provide the individual and their family all the necessary information regarding services and programs that the individual would benefit from and facilitate any communication between the individual and the service provider. The Support Coordinator will be in touch on a monthly basis and will meet with the individual and their family 4 times a year.