Additional Services

Supports Brokerage

In addition to Support Coordination, MyGOAL Inc. provides Supports Brokerage to individuals and his or her family who self-direct some or all of their needed services.

This function is provided in 6 counties throughout New Jersey: 

  • Middlesex
  • Somerset
  • Hudson
  • Monmouth
  • Burlington
  • Hunterdon

As the Supports Brokerage agent, we assist the individual (and his or her family/support system) with identifying, targeting, and overseeing services needed to meet their needs. MyGOAL Inc. provides all necessary information to certify that the individual and their family understand how to direct their own services. We provide information on recruiting and hiring personal care workers and managing hired workers. Skills training is available to warrant effective communication and problem solving. 

Our dedicated team is available 24 hours 7 days a week to answer any questions or provide any necessary guidance to ensure a smooth and uplifting experience in self-hiring/self-directing services. 

Samples of Supports Brokerage Activities

We look forward to hearing from you and making your journey through self-hire/direct a stress free and comforting time. We’re here for you!

Phone: 877-886-9462